Monday, December 26, 2011

Robotronics Winter Camps are Here!

Activity-Based learning is the new call for educators in India. With CCE becoming a norm in all CBSE schools, all parents and teachers are looking for options where learning can be more than talk-and-chalk.

Robotics is a field of technology that combines 3 subjects together – Science, Mathematics and Computer Science. This is why we feel Robotics is a great way to implement Activity Based Learning for children for the following reasons:

Work in Collaboration – “Relate”: Robotics activities emphasize on team efforts that involve communication, planning, management and social skills.

Work on Projects – “Create”: Robotics projects make learning a creative and purposeful activity. Students have to define the project (problem domain) and focus their efforts on application of ideas to a specific context.

Work towards a change – “Donate”: Robotics activates stresses on the value of making a useful contribution while learning. The idea that the project can be utilized in real-life situation makes the learning more meaningful.

Robotronics Workshops are being conducted from 3rd Jan to 7th Jan in different centers across Delhi NCR. Says Program Coordinator Swati Sharma,"We have got great feedback from the parents and students after the Summer Camp conducted in May 2011."

The Robotronics Workshops are being conducted at 6 different centers in the Delhi-NCR region - Gurgaon (2 centers), South Delhi, Noida, Connaught Place, Pitampura, Dwarka

Concepts Learnt During the Workshops

Level 1: Mechanical Robots

1. Science: Designing Simple and Complex Machines, Motion, Force, Acceleration, Pulleys, Transfer of Motion etc.

2. Designing: How to design sweep, push, pull, lift and drop mechanisms in Robots?

Level 2: Autonomous Robotics

1. Technology: Mechanics of humanoids, Logic Building, Understanding of sensors

2. Designing: How to humanoid robots with motion through sensors?

Skills Imbibed:

1. Imagination & Creativity

2. Fine Motor Skills & Hand Eye Coordination

3. Problem Solving and Team Skills

For more information, please contact Ms. Swati at 9818403093 or register here.
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Friday, September 16, 2011

IRC 2011 is here!!

Building Blocks is proud to present the IRC for the 3rd time in a row. This event has created waves amongst the schools children for the past two years.

This time, the event is being held at two locations:

Delhi Public School, Sonepat on 4th Oct 2011

The Shri Ram School, Gurgaon on 14th Oct 2011
For registrations, please contact Swati/Virender at 011-45097452.
You can also register online at